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Welcome To Bootlegger Guitar Los Angeles California


We are a small builder in Hermosa Beach (Los Angeles) California. We started designing guitars and selling to musicians who used our recording studio. With our local success we decided to open up our online store. Proudly we have sold our guitars and amps worldwide to professionals, studios, and players.

Why Bootlegger

All of our designs are uniquely Bootlegger or co designed by musicians such as Steve Stine & Roger “Tiny” Kohrs.

The marketplace is full of low priced China built guitars that are questionable, mid priced boutique quality guitars and amazing custom made guitars.

We fit in the boutique quality market, but with lower pricing. Our guitars and amps are designed in our shop and built in our partner factory, Muse Inc S. Korea. Muse builds for many great brand names as well as Bootlegger. All guitars, amps are inspected in our L.A. shop before shipment to our customer.


We use either US brand or South Korean parts. No China parts are utilized on our guitars. Why? Our parts are consistently high quality and we only do business with our allies.


As a small builder, we must offer value service and quality. We do not spend on marketing, we mostly sell through referral. This is how we can keep our prices, a great value for you the player Please read our review’s posted on our website, our players can better speak of our value and quality.

Community Service

We support our military donating guitars to American Legion Post 233 for auction to help serve our veterans.


We come from a blues and rock playing background, performance rally (car) racing and custom Harley building. All of our interests go into our designs.

Please feel free to contact me.

Chuck Wilson

310 613 2808


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Bootlegger Guitar:

Vintage style modern guitars & tube amps.

Bootlegger Guitar, Boutique Builder of Premium Vintage Guitar Styles & Tube Amps.


Bootlegger Guitar

1921 Manhattan Ave Hermosa Beach, California USA

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