Bootlegger Guitar boutique guitar and tube amp builder.
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I just discovered this company today and already their brave jump into the fray of boutique guitars is admirable. It’s charming really and I’m intrigued. After owning all I want of shelf models, you tend to look for the strange, the unique and absolutely the unexpected. Their Deville is on my radar. Gotta try one! You should too! Everything you’ll ever want in a Rock Box.

Brett Gayer 11/2019

Try their products , then you'll ask yourself the same thing I did... Why did I waste so much money on the other brands ?

Truly one of the best kept secrets BOOTLEGGER !!!

Feb 19th, 2018 by Russ H.

We are a boutique guitar company that was developed inside our recording studio “Studio 637“ in Hermosa Beach. Working in the music industry we meet a lot of cool people, jam a lot of blues and see a lot of great gear. With our passion for the blues along with many late night whiskey soaked sessions Bootlegger was pulled from the past and landed in 2014. Our designs are directly inspired by the vintage style that influenced early blues, rock, Jazz, outlaw and other cool vibes only great guitars and tube amps can produce. Vintage vibe, modern playability and value. Our gear is now played world wide and hope to welcome you into the Bootlegger Guitar family.

When not designing, building, jamming, talking or shipping Bootlegger you will find us building custom hogs, racing rally cars and other crazy stuff. We are also innovators designing new useful accessories. We have our patient pending Guitar Bar Hanger.

We are a small company with vintage values, we want you to love our gear the way we do. For us it’s a passion so we will help you any way we can. Our pricing is low because you are buying direct. PLEASE see our customer reviews if you think great pricing means low quality. As musicians we know what you are looking for. If you want the latest greatest computer amp or another cookie cutter copy guitar “NOT US”. If you want blues rock inspired tube clean headroom to nasty sustains or a top-quality vintage vibe guitar “THAT’S US”

98 Proof

Chuck Wilson

310 613 2808


A bottle or flask of whiskey in your boot


A person who makes illegal whiskey

Bootlegger Guitar:

Vintage style modern guitars, tube amps and pedals "98 Proof".

Bootlegger Guitar, Boutique Builder of Premium Vintage Guitar Styles, Tube Amps & Pedals.